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Lee Libro

JD Doyle of and Ultimate-U Fitness delivers the best fitness regimens and motivation you'll ever experience. He's a full range fitness guru for people of all fitness levels and offers a challenging, fun bootcamp in outdoor parks and recreational sites throughout the area as well as private personal training, metabolic and nutritional counseling. His bootcamp is so fun, you begin to enjoy the pain!

Karen Campbell

Sorry guys, I'm sure your trainers are all great. BUT, JD Doyle is THE BEST. He transformed my life. His Sarasota Boot Camp is what training is all about. The workouts are never the same, we train different sets of muscles on different days and JD explains how we are working our body to maximize results. His nutrition seminars help us understand how different foods work in our body. An all round fitness guru available to his members 24 hours a day. A true winner!


Kamla Achaibar-Long

Yep...JD Doyle is the best in shaking up the routine, targeting the appropraite muscle groups that need the most work for his clients. He tailors the program to their needs and has a no nonsense approach...firm yet compassionate...He likes helping his clients and it shows. i have lost inches... gained strength and health. His knowledge of fitness with circuit and interval training... and nutrition with metabolic testing... is what makes him a Sarasota fitness guru!!!


Kelly H Bake
JD Doyle is the Absolute Best Fitness Expert I have every met!! His Bootcamp is the only motivating and challenging workout any person could enjoy :) Everyone should check out and join the rest of us who absolutely LOVE the challenge!!

John Maben

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are someone that seeks only the best and most qualified people your choices are limited. Limited to one in my opinion, JD Doyle who I have trained with for over one year.
He has tons of experience and
cares about his clients.


Danielle Nicole Cupp

JD doyle is definetly the best....His bootcamps are fun, and we are alwyas doing something different, he puts a lot of thought into his workout plans and he makes it really interesting. I love JD's bootcamps and i would recommend them to anyone!!

Mary Brugger

JD Doyle is the best! Tho I was an out-of-shape senior when I met him; he gave me the confidence I needed to work out; taught me a lot about healthy eating and lifestyle. Classes are actually fun and often in beautiful outdoor settings, so you don't mind the challenge. His professionalism and holistic approach work well. Also has an awesome website!


Lois Clayton Chartier

JD Doyle of Ultimate-U Fitness gets my vote, Every boot camp is different never the same combination. JD keeps you motivated and even in a group setting he always makes it a point to check in and see how every body is with their form. After only 5 weeks I have had great results!!


Maria Karamanolis Smith

JHands down JD Doyle!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never used to workout until I joined his bootcamp. I've never felt better and it's only been 6 weeks. JD does a great job switching it up, keeping it interesting and truly cares about the end result. I'm very grateful that I stumbled across his bootcamp and I believe he is the best trainer in town.

Deanna DelFabro
JD Doyle is the man!!!! He does a great job of putting together a workout that is NEVER boring and just motivates you to a place you never thought you could go before! He is the BEST at what he does and I am so glad I was able to benefit from all his knowledge!


Kathleen Mess

I am training with JD Doyle at Snap Fitness. I started with his fat loss challange and had great results, did his boot camp whical trainer, very smart and well read in what he does. He understands nutrition as it applies to different body types and metabolisms. I can't think of training with anyone else. My results are startling! He IS the go to person for training!!!

h is awesome and now train with him 3 days a week. JD is a great motivation


Louise Stottlemyer
JD has a Masters degree in Health and was a teacher by occupation. He is an expert in research and in communicating the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the ways in which to attain it. As a fitness trainer, He knows how to motivate each client to maximize their full potential. His workouts are amazing and he has helped restore me to health.


David Glosser

JD..JD....JD....JD and his boot camp have been a Fav of mine for over 2 years....Quality workouts, great price..superb camaraderie among the "campers"...
this is a no contest..question.....


Amanda Marie Mason

JD of Ultimate-U Fitness is the man. He knows how to motivate people, he is exceedingly personable and the results are irefutable.



Frequently Asked Questions

What changes can I expect from Boot Camp training?

• Lose 1-2 lbs. of fat each week (depending on weight & height)
• Increased muscle tone and definition
• Increased strength and endurance for recreational or everyday activities
• Increased energy and alertness
• Renewed self-confidence.
• Improved health profile (lower cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar)
• You will fit into your old clothes!
• Become a slimmer, firmer, healthier YOU!

What is the level of difficulty of the Boot Camp?

The Boot Camp is not designed to accommodate someone who has never worked out before. You should have a basic level of strength and endurance to participate. The Camp is designed to help the intermediate to advanced exerciser get her physique to the next level. If you have been going to the gym or exercising at home for a couple of months and are feeling "stuck," this Camp is perfect for you.

A good fitness test is this: if you can complete 20 minutes of continuous aerobic activity (treadmill, bike, elliptical, tennis, etc.) at a moderate intensity; AND you can complete at least 15 squats with your body weight and 10 push-ups on your knees, then you are fit enough to participate.

There may be all levels of people participating in any given class- from first timers to 2 year veterans. We will provide easier and more advanced versions of certain exercises when appropriate.

What do I need to bring with me?

All you need is an exercise mat, a sweat towel, and a bottle of water.

Will I need to bring or purchase any equipment?

No, we provide all the equipment. You just need to show up and be ready for anything!

What type of exercise is “Boot Camp Training”?

Here’s how I define it: group body sculpting, in an outdoor environment, with minimal equipment, using a fast paced exercise sequence, often alternating resistance training with cardio or conditioning exercise. It includes core exercise, calisthenics, and may utilize dumbbells, bands, medicine balls, or stability balls. It also makes use of obstacle courses, relays, and games to keep the workout fun and the campers motivated.

Are there any studies to prove the benefits of this type of training?

YES! The American Council on Exercise (ACE) released a study conducted by scientists at the University of Wisconsin proving that a Boot Camp style workout is the most effective exercise program for simultaneously burning fat and building muscle. Researchers found that the average exerciser burns 9.8 calories per minute during a typical workout, which equals about 600 calories for an hour class. This is equal to or greater than the amount of calories burned during other types of aerobic classes, such as spinning, kickboxing, or step. BUT only Boot Camp classes specifically include muscle strengthening exercises for every muscle group in your body. Applying progressive resistance to muscles is key if you expect to increase muscle tone and definition.
Dr. John Porcari, who led the study, said, “On average, people were working at 77% of heart rate max, which is considered moderate intensity, but it also gets as high as 92%, meaning the workouts have peaks and valleys.” This type of interval training has consistently proven to burn more fat than longer duration, lower intensity cardio like cycling or treadmill walking.

If you would like to see the results of a local study of MY Boot Camp, The Observer did a 3 part feature which followed a brand new Camper through her first 6 weeks and what she was able to accomplish. Read the full story here.

What is the difference between the Shape Up Sarasota Boot Camp and other Boot Camps?

For one, it is not a military boot camp in the strictest sense. We will not scream in your face until you cry, or force you to do something you feel could result in injury. We use positive motivation to help you push your limits to accomplish what you did not think was possible.

We do use a lot of calisthenics (body weight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc.) but we also utiIize a lot of other equipment military camps don’t incorporate (dumbbells, medicine balls, bands). My reason for this is it keeps the workouts fresh and interesting.

Which is another way the Shape Up Sarasota Boot Camp is different. I guarantee you will never do the exact same workout twice. Every couple of months you may do a sequence you’ve done before, but basically you never know what’s in store for you when you show up! That is one of the main reasons people stick with this program for so long, and get such great results. Variety is necessary both from a psychological standpoint so that you don’t get bored, but also from a physiological standpoint because you are constantly shocking your body with challenging new routines.

The complaints I’ve heard about other boot camps is that they do the same exercises or routines over and over; the instructors are more concerned about just pushing your through the routine as fast as you can go, with no concern for exercise form (which results in injury for many); and there was no before and after measurements to demonstrate progress. None of that applies to us.

In fact, I’ll go on record to say I am confident that the Shape Up Sarasota Boot Campers work harder and burn more calories than most other boot camps. Based on heart rate monitor readings, the average person burns between 600-800 calories per class- I even had one guy burn 1400 calories recently! And another thing that makes MY Boot Camp different than most boot camps is the concept of progressive and appropriate resistance. Almost any other boot camp class will make everyone bring 5lb. or 3 lbs. dumbbells, or give everyone a 4lb. medicine ball. At my classes, most women use 10, 12, or 15lb. dumbbells, and 8 or 10lb. medicine balls. For the guys, I bring dumbbells up to 40lbs. and extra thick resistance bands. Do you think that makes a difference when it comes to sculpting muscle? You bet!

That's why in 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013 we were voted Favorite Weight Loss Program by the Sarasota Natural Choice Awards!

How credible is the Shape Up Sarasota Boot Camp and its instructors?

I started the Shape Up Sarasota Boot Camp in July 2007. That makes it the longest running continuous Boot Camp in the greater Sarasota area. Since that time, my instructors and I have helped hundreds of people get in the best shape of their lives, and have fun doing it. In 2009 I began doing body fat analysis and photos on every member. (This was a service I previously reserved for my private training clients.) You can see some of our Success Stories here.

The Shape Up Sarasota Boot Camp has been featured in almost every major media outlet in the area, including ABC-7, Bay News 9, the Herald Tribune, The Observer, Natural Awakenings, and Positive Change.

For the past 5 years, JD has been voted Favorite Personal Trainer in Sarasota by the readers of Natural Awakenings magazine.

JD Doyle has been a certified personal trainer and nutritional advisor since 1995. He holds multiple certifications, including ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist and ISFTA Master Trainer. He is the owner and director of Ultimate-U Fitness, and was the Director of Personal Training at Snap Fitness in Bradenton for 5 years.

All the other Boot Camp instructors were personally trained and certified by JD through ISFTA, and bring their own twist to the program.  See our instructors page for more on their background.

What is your attendance policy? What if I miss some Boot Camp sessions due to illness or travel time?

Payment for each month of Boot Camp is valid only until the end of that monthly billing cycle. It is your responsibility to attend the Camp. There are no refunds or extensions granted. You are paying to be a member of the Camp, not for a certain number of sessions. However, you are encouraged to make up missed sessions at any of the other times and/or locations within the month.

If you are on a monthly membership, you shouldn’t be overly concerned about missing a few sessions now and then. The contract memberships are less expensive than the month to month prices for this reason.

On the other hand, if you are going to be out of town on a 10-day vacation, just let JD know at the start of the month and he will pro-rate your cost so that you are only paying for the days you are here.

What about the holidays? Are there any days off?

Boot Camp will continue on a regular schedule from Jan.3 to Dec. 21, 2011. Besides the 2 week break at the end of the year, there are only 2 other holidays we do not have a regularly scheduled Camp: July 4 and Thanksgiving Day. We may end up cancelling a class the day before or after those holidays depending on how many people sign up for the class (5 campers minimum).

How do I measure my progress?

Body Composition. When you join the Boot Camp, you will get a body composition analysis chart, and a “before” photo taken. Its your responsibility to take your weight and tape measurements as directed, and JD will measure your body fat, and set a realistic goal for you. Then for every 8 weeks you are a member of the Camp, you get another body composition analysis, in conjunction with the start and end of our Fat Loss Challenges that end & start every 8 weeks.

Strength & Endurance. Once every 8 weeks, you will be tested for the maximum number of push-ups, sit-ups, & squats, & dips you can do in 1 minute. You will also be tested for the time it takes you to complete a ½ mile run. Your records will be kept and reference each month before re-testing.

What about diet & nutritional support?

Every member will receive a a copy of my Top 10 Nutritional Commandments, my Supplement Guide, and a $20 Gift Card to GNC. Once every 8 weeks, I will present my Fat Loss 101 Nutrition Seminar free for all current Boot Campers. In this seminar, I explain how to estimate your calorie needs, how to choose the right carbs, fats, and proteins, how to plan meals and control your portions, and which supplements are worth purchasing.

The time and location of the seminar may vary based on when the majority of new members can attend. It is highly recommended you attend the seminar, but if it not possible, you will be provided with a DVD recording of it.

All those committed for the year will receive a Transformation Training Manual, which includes all of the above information, plus Cardio Training Guidelines, Travel Workouts, and Weekly Checklists to ensure that you are doing everything right outside the Boot Camp to reach your long term goals.

Do you have a discount program for couples or families?

YES.  There is a $30 discount each month for the second (or third) person from your immediate family who signs up for the unlimited option, when the first person pays full price.  There is a $20 discount for the second family member who signs up for the twice per week option, when the first person pays full price.c. This way you can save all year rather than just earning a one time referral fee.

What is the Biggest Loser/  Fat Loss Challenge Program?

Every 8 weeks, a new Fat Loss Challenge begins in every Camp. All campers are instructed to submit their scale weight and tape measurements, and the instructors measure each camper's body fat. At the conclusion of the 8 weeks, everyone is re-tested to determine who is the "Biggest Loser" in each Camp.  Whoever has lost the most body fat, as determined by caliper readings, tape measurements, and scale, wins a grand prize package which includes GNC supplements, a deep tissue massage gift certificate, and a FREE month of Boot Camp!*

*Winners must agree to allow their before and after pictures to be published for promotional purposes.

What is the Referral Rewards Program?

For every full time Boot Camp member you refer, you will receive a $50 credit towards your next month of Boot Camp. (To qualify for the referral fee, the new member must sign up for a minimum of 3x’s/week for three months) If your referral signs up for twice per week membership, you get a $30 credit towards your next month of Boot Camp. So tell everyone you know, let them try it out for a free session, and enjoy a big membership discount!


How do I sign up?

Every new camper is eligible for a free trial session. After that, I am confident you will be sold on the effectiveness of this type of training and want to become a regular member. To activate your free trial, go to our

Complete this form and submit it.  You will receive an email confirmation from JD usually within 24 hours. You will not be able to participate in a class unless the Registration & Waiver are completed.

How will a monthly membership benefit me?

Boot Camp is definitely the fastest and most effective way to reach your top condition, but it will take most people several months to reach their fitness and weight loss goals. Regular exercise must become a part of your weekly, if not daily, lifestyle. By choosing the credit card 3-month membership option, you don’t have to worry about when your next payment is due, how many weeks you have left, or remembering to bring your payment. You can to log-in to your account online anytime, book or cancel your classes, and check the status of your account.

Commitment is a two way street. Monthly subscribers are obviously more serious about their goals, will receive extra support, including my Body Transformation Manual, Nutrition Guidelines, Fat Loss 101 Nutrition Seminar, Cardio Training Guidelines, Weekly Body Transformation Checklists, Travel Workout Plans. Basically, I will do whatever it takes to help you!

How do I pay for the Boot Camp with a credit card?

If you are paying for 3-month membership, you have to save your credit card info to your Profile on my secure payment site. This will enable your card to be charged each month.

Here are the steps:

* Go to
* Log in
* Click on Store
* Select the option you wish to purchase, click Add To Cart
* Select the either Pay using Credit Card on file or Credit Card radio button
* Enter your Credit Card number, expiry date and name on card
* Check Save Credit Card to file (optional for one month only purchases).
* Click Pay
* You and I will both receive a copy of the receipt via email.

Do I have to pay for the Boot Camp with a credit card?

No, you may pay by cash or check. However, if you choose the option of an annual membership, you are legally bound to pay for 11 months. I ask for a 1-month security deposit in addition to your first month’s payment. If you void the contract, you forfeit your security deposit. If you fulfill the contract, it becomes your 11th month payment.

If you are paying by cash or check, you do not have to go through the checkout process online. I will process your payment and email you a receipt.

What if I move to another city or state?

If you relocate 20 miles or more from any Boot Camp location, I will allow you to void the contract, pending proof of a new address/phone number. You will be responsible for payment of the difference between the one month price and the membership price for the months you participated ($20 or $30 per month).

What if I develop a serious medical condition or injury?

If you sustain an injury that does not allow you to participate fully in the Camp, I will allow you to void the contract, pending proof in the form of a doctor’s note or conversation with your doctor or medical professional.

If you develop an illness that prevents your participation in the Camp for more than 1 week, I will put a freeze on your membership, pending proof in the form of a doctor’s note or conversation with your doctor or medical professional. If the condition does not improve in one month’s time, I will allow you to void or amend the contract.

Most of us will miss a week here and there due to illness. You are probably not going to make every session, despite your best intentions. Please do not ask me to put a freeze on your account every time you get sick or have to leave town for a few days. The contract membership is less expensive than the month to month price for this reason.

What if I need to cancel my annual membership due to financial hardship?

If you cannot or chose not to fulfill the 3 month term of the contract, you will be charged the difference between the one month price and the membership price for the months you participated ($20 or $30 per month). If you are paying online with a credit card, your card will be charged the difference.

How do I book my classes for the week?

All Campers are required to book (or cancel) your classes for the week. This helps the instructors plan classes more effectively and lets us know how much equipment to bring.

Here are the steps:

* Go to
* Log in
* You are automatically taken to the Class Schedule page. The classes for that day will show. To view the classes for another date, you can use the arrow keys to scroll thru the days, or the calendar icon, or use the SEARCH function.
* Click on the next class you would like to attend.
* Click on BOOK this class.
* Repeat for any other classes you wish to attend.
* If you are not going to make it, please repeat this process and use the CANCEL button to remove yourself from the list.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Contact me here.