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Lee Libro

JD Doyle of and Ultimate-U Fitness delivers the best fitness regimens and motivation you'll ever experience. He's a full range fitness guru for people of all fitness levels and offers a challenging, fun bootcamp in outdoor parks and recreational sites throughout the area as well as private personal training, metabolic and nutritional counseling. His bootcamp is so fun, you begin to enjoy the pain!

Karen Campbell

Sorry guys, I'm sure your trainers are all great. BUT, JD Doyle is THE BEST. He transformed my life. His Sarasota Boot Camp is what training is all about. The workouts are never the same, we train different sets of muscles on different days and JD explains how we are working our body to maximize results. His nutrition seminars help us understand how different foods work in our body. An all round fitness guru available to his members 24 hours a day. A true winner!


Kamla Achaibar-Long

Yep...JD Doyle is the best in shaking up the routine, targeting the appropraite muscle groups that need the most work for his clients. He tailors the program to their needs and has a no nonsense approach...firm yet compassionate...He likes helping his clients and it shows. i have lost inches... gained strength and health. His knowledge of fitness with circuit and interval training... and nutrition with metabolic testing... is what makes him a Sarasota fitness guru!!!


Kelly H Bake
JD Doyle is the Absolute Best Fitness Expert I have every met!! His Bootcamp is the only motivating and challenging workout any person could enjoy :) Everyone should check out and join the rest of us who absolutely LOVE the challenge!!

John Maben

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are someone that seeks only the best and most qualified people your choices are limited. Limited to one in my opinion, JD Doyle who I have trained with for over one year.
He has tons of experience and
cares about his clients.


Danielle Nicole Cupp

JD doyle is definetly the best....His bootcamps are fun, and we are alwyas doing something different, he puts a lot of thought into his workout plans and he makes it really interesting. I love JD's bootcamps and i would recommend them to anyone!!

Mary Brugger

JD Doyle is the best! Tho I was an out-of-shape senior when I met him; he gave me the confidence I needed to work out; taught me a lot about healthy eating and lifestyle. Classes are actually fun and often in beautiful outdoor settings, so you don't mind the challenge. His professionalism and holistic approach work well. Also has an awesome website!


Lois Clayton Chartier

JD Doyle of Ultimate-U Fitness gets my vote, Every boot camp is different never the same combination. JD keeps you motivated and even in a group setting he always makes it a point to check in and see how every body is with their form. After only 5 weeks I have had great results!!


Maria Karamanolis Smith

"Iíve been working with JD for 10 months and still to this day look forward to going to boot camp six days a week. I have never felt stronger or healthier.  JD is passionate about fitness and makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. JD motivates me past my perceived limits to get results.  I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and Iíve got great new muscles that Iíve never had before joining his boot camp.  If you are serious about changing your life for the better, JD will lead you every step of the way."

Deanna DelFabro
JD Doyle is the man!!!! He does a great job of putting together a workout that is NEVER boring and just motivates you to a place you never thought you could go before! He is the BEST at what he does and I am so glad I was able to benefit from all his knowledge!


Kathleen Mess

I am training with JD Doyle at Snap Fitness. I started with his fat loss challange and had great results, did his boot camp whical trainer, very smart and well read in what he does. He understands nutrition as it applies to different body types and metabolisms. I can't think of training with anyone else. My results are startling! He IS the go to person for training!!!

h is awesome and now train with him 3 days a week. JD is a great motivation


Louise Stottlemyer
JD has a Masters degree in Health and was a teacher by occupation. He is an expert in research and in communicating the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the ways in which to attain it. As a fitness trainer, He knows how to motivate each client to maximize their full potential. His workouts are amazing and he has helped restore me to health.


David Glosser

JD..JD....JD....JD and his boot camp have been a Fav of mine for over 2 years....Quality workouts, great price..superb camaraderie among the "campers"...
this is a no contest..question.....


Amanda Marie Mason

JD of Ultimate-U Fitness is the man. He knows how to motivate people, he is exceedingly personable and the results are irefutable.





Sarasota Boot Camp's May 2009 "Biggest Loser":  Lynne Van Fleet  lost 36 lbs., and still counting!

"I started Boot Camp in October 2008 and I have finally found an exercise program that I truly love. Not only has it totally transformed my body, but I have more energy, feel healthier, stronger, and now even give my kids a run for their money. JD puts together Boot Camp style workouts that work every part of your body and are never the same. These versatile total body workouts are the best part for me. JD pushes me to a level where I never thought I could be pushed, and I needed that for such amazing results. I now love to be outdoors and I am actually excited about working out. I’m finally getting back the body and the person I used to be 10 years ago!"

"I’ve tried step classes, yoga, weight lifting, biking, elliptical, etc., but never felt passionate about any physical activity until JD’s Boot Camp!! I participated in the Fat Loss Challenge with JD in September 2008, and he encouraged me to continue my exercise program through Boot Camp. I really didn’t think I would enjoy getting out of the gym and into the outdoors. I was right, I didn’t like it…I LOVED IT!!!



Sarasota Boot Camp's 2007 "Biggest Loser" & now Boot Camp Instructor:  Nicole Carson

She lost 29 lbs. of fat and 9% body fat!

“The Shape Up Sarasota Boot Camp gave me a whole new healthy perspective on life. I learned that losing weight is more than a body makeover, it’s a lifelong transformation. Proper nutrition and exercise are important, but there are many other factors involved, and JD makes it all clear. The challenge keeps you motivated to be a better “you”!"

Nicole was a part of the Fat Loss Challenge and transitioned into the Boot Camp. Within 6 months, she had achieved her goal. The Boot Camp became a springboard for other fitness activities, and she currently competes in marathons and triathlons regularly. In 2009, she began her ISFTA Personal Trainer Certification and re-joined the Boot Camp as an Instructor.


Maria Smith's 6-Week Transformation Makes Headline News!

It was a risky proposition.  I got a call from a reporter from the East County  Observer at the end of October 2009, just before I was set to launch my Lakewood Ranch Boot Camp.  She thought it would be a neat idea to follow a brand new recruit through the 6 week camp and see what results she got.  I had never worked with Maria before, but her positive attitude told me she would be a good choice for the story.  I'm sure Maria felt a lot of pressure, since there were 3 full page features in all (which you can read here, displaying her weight and measurements for all to see.  But that kind of pressure can be a good thing.

Maria did not disappoint. She lost 9.5 lbs. of fat, added 4 lbs. of muscle, and lost 1-3 inches around every body part.  As of this writing, Maria has continued to improve and impress.  She is down 16 lbs. of fat!

"Iíve been working with JD for 10 months and still to this day look forward to going to boot camp six days a week. I have never felt stronger or healthier.  JD is passionate about fitness and makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. JD motivates me past my perceived limits to get results.  I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and Iíve got great new muscles that Iíve never had before joining his boot camp.  If you are serious about changing your life for the better, JD will lead you every step of the way."- Maria



Karen Campbell Loses 1 lb. of fat EVERY WEEK!                26 lbs. and counting...

Since joining the Boot Camp in early March 2009, Karen has steadily lost 1 lbs. of body fat almost every week, for a total of 26lbs. of fat loss, so far. She has also added 5 lbs. of firm muscle in the process. Hard exercise is no quick fix, and Karen is not afraid to give 110% effort.  She also holds several strength testing records for the Camp, including performing 100 dips in 60 seconds!  Her hard work, great attitude, and faithful attendance earned her Boot Camper of the Month for October 2009.

“I must admit when I started with JD, I was very nervous, having not done any exercise for 8 months. But after my first two sessions I was well and truly hooked. I could see within just 3 weeks a significant difference in my appearance and started to receive compliments daily! Having a very stressful job, I found my time with JD allowed me total escapism and I look forward to every session. Both my body and my mind say thank you, JD!”


Tracy Cornelius Got Her Pre-Baby Body Back
 11 lbs. gone in 6 Weeks!
Its always the quiet ones that you have to watch.  While other Campers openly bragged about how they were going to be the biggest loser in our pre-holiday Boot Camp, Tracy barely said a word to anybody.  She just quietly worked her ass off and dropped some serious belly fat!  After she won Boot Camper of the Month, everyone knows who she is now.
Tracy lost almost 11 lbs. of fat and gained 6 lbs. of muscle in just six weeks.  And what a difference those pounds make.  She has added a lot more cardio to her program outside the boot camp and aims to win another free month.


Body Transformation Complete in 6 Weeks!
Todd Lindamood

Todd placed second in body fat lost for the competition we had in the Summer of '09, but he placed first in all of the following categories: most improved strength, most improved speed, and most muscle gained. Overall he lost over 5 lbs. of fat and gained over 7 lbs. of muscle.

As he put it, "Your class is really wonderful and you do such an amazing job of educating clients on how to get "real" results. I have not felt this good in years (more like decades)." See for yourself...not bad for a 47 year old!!


Sarasota Boot Camp's Summer 2009 "Biggest Loser:  Kelly Bake

Kelly, age 34, was the "biggest loser" of all because she dropped 4.2% body fat in less than 6 weeks- she was on a family vacation one of those weeks! Altogether, she 6 lbs. of fat and added 3 lbs. of muscle to her 5'3 frame. Her measurements came down 1-2 inches on her waist, hips, legs, arms, and butt. Kelly was so motivated to take it to the next level, that she studied for and passed the ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer exam only months after her victory.

"The Boot Camp experience has completely changed my outlook on exercise. It used to be a chore, something I knew I had to do, but didn't really look forward to. When I first heard about the BC, I was intimidated by the idea of obstacle courses, running, push-ups, etc. But I tried it anyway, and after a few sessions I was hooked. I absolutely LOVE Boot Camp and actually look forward to exercise now. And my energy level has gone through the roof!" - Kelly


Breaking A Plateau: Gina Palumbo

"My personal experience with Boot Camp has been bittersweet. Lifting weights and heavy cardio has been a very challenging new experience for me. JD has been most helpful and encouraging to me with working through my weaknesses. I love the results from Boot Camp and look forward to the next session!"

To be fair, we can't take full credit for Gina's weight loss. She did a lot of it on her own before she ever came to Boot Camp. But like many frustrated dieters, she hit the dreaded plateau. No more weight would come off, yet she still wasn't where she wanted to be. After 2 months of Boot Camp, she was able to take the last 10 lbs. off and achieve the muscle tone she hoped for.  Gina is truly an inspiration!


Biggest Loser of Winter 2009:  Amanda Panico
12 lbs. off in 6 Weeks!

Amanda definitely has a competitive streak.  She has won multiple awards as a financial planner for being the best in her field.  So it was no surprise that she can now add one more trophy to her collection: Boot Camper of the Month.  Faithfully attending the Lakewood Ranch Camp for less than 6 weeks, Amanda shed close to 12 lbs. of fat while building 4lbs. of muscle.

And she says she's not done yet.  She will be totally shredded by the time beach weather hits!



ARLINGTON PARK's "Biggest Loser", Spring 2009:  Sharon Yeager 

Sharon is positive proof consistency is key, and that Boot Camp training continues to yield great results month after month. Sharon has been coming to the class for almost a year, but found the 6-Week Challenge to be exactly what she need to kick her training into high gear. She lost 4.5 lbs. of fat and gained 2.3 lbs. of muscle on an already lean 122 lb. frame, for a total loss of 3.2% body fat.

Unfortunately, we never got her initial weight and body fat when she started last June, but she will tell you the Boot Camp totally transformed her physique. Her husband said it best a few months ago when I met him. He shook my hand and said, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. My girl's got abs now!"

"Boot Camp is my chosen accountability partner. The consistency and support of the classes helps push me beyond what I think is possible for myself. Did you check out my guns?"- Sharon



The Comeback Kid / "Most Muscular" Spring 2009:  Alan James

Alan has been coming to the Shape Up Sarasota Boot Camp since the day I started it back in July 2007. He had transformed his body though a combination of personal training and Boot Camp classes, but in the last 6 months, he let things slip a little. Like a lot of us, work and family demands took priority, and his body fat slowly crept back up.

The 6-Week Challenge was a perfect excuse for Alan to rectify the situation. He trained with heavy weights at SNAP Fitness 2 days/wk. and came to Boot Camp 3x's/wk. In 6 weeks, he lost 5 lbs. of fat, and build over 10lbs. of muscle, earning him the "Most Muscular" award for the Challenge!



Big Results come in Small Packages:  Anne Binder-Katz

Ann joined the Arlington Boot Camp last October with the goals of increasing her strength, muscle tone, and decreasing body fat. I watched her steadily improve in all of those areas over the last six months, but the Challenge definitely motivated her to push it a little harder. Her effort was rewarded. She gained almost 4 lbs. of muscle and lost 2 lbs. of fat in the 6 week Boot Camp, a remarkable feat for an 88lb. woman who has been training consistently for months. She also nearly doubled her strength in exercises like squats, sit-ups, and push-ups.

“I really enjoy going to boot camp because each class is different, fun, challenging and creative. Having a variety and knowing that there are other people to share my pain, helps me to be motivated to keep coming back for more!”



Carole Wildes: Hardcore Fitness

"Boot camp has been a great fit for me - I've always loved doing everything outdoors - if I can't get my hands in and around the dirt, I'm not happy. I've never been able to stay interested in gyms and weightlifting what you offer is perfect for me! I've lost 5.5 lbs. towards my goal of 10, and I feel I'm doing it the right way that fits for me. I'm much stronger and agile, look leaner, feel healthier, and I've signed up to run some 5 Ks after the first of the year! That's progress!"



Sammy Schulman Gets Her Beach Body!

"When I first started boot camp with JD in January I thought it was going to be very intimidating since I had never lifted weights and was very out of shape. The people at boot camp could not have been nicer or more helpful. I love the group environment. Everyone encourages each other to do well. I could only do one push up when I joined, and now I can do 14. I am definitely a lot stronger as well as being leaner. Boot camp has not only given me great physical results, but has given me great self-confidence."

When Sammy joined, she told us her goal was to look better in her swimsuit. Within 3 months, she had reduced her body fat by 4%, and her strength went through the roof. Mission accomplished!



Jennifer Marinucci dropped 15 lbs. and 5% body fat  in just 2 months of Boot Camp!

“I have lost 15 lbs. and I love the way I look and feel! I was always small growing up, but in the past year I gained a lot of weight. Boot Camp helped me get back into shape and get my discipline back. I am so glad I met JD and Jim. They have been so helpful and every way. I take my stepdaughter and she loves it too. She is 12 and has lost up to 10 lbs. She looks great, and she feels so much better about herself. Thanks again!



Toby Wilson dropped 6 lbs. of fat, and added 9 lbs. of solid muscle... in ONE MONTH!

“The Boot Camp has been the only motivational tool that keeps me excited about exercise! The instructors keep the workouts fun, and the comraderie is also great. Everyone is very supportive and while there is a level of healthy competition, your ultimate competition is yourself. The transformation that I have already seen in my body in just a month is incredible. I can confidently say that I would not see the same results by doing anything else. Thanks JD!!!”

Toby needed to get in shape fast. He was applying for a highly competitive position with the Sheriff’s department and he had to pass several fitness tests. Toby, like most people, had worked out on and off but had never really stuck to a program for more than a few weeks. I assured him that if he attended the Boot Camp 3 times/week, he would make great progress. That was an understatement.

In only one month’s time, He was able to triple the number of push ups and sit ups he could complete, and shaved over a minute and a half off his best time for the mile run. Other than practicing the bench press at the gym, the Boot Camp was the only exercise Toby did for those 4 weeks. Not a bad return on only 3 hours of exercise per week!



Lauren Schulman lost an amazing 10% body fat and 15 lbs. of fat! 

“After the one on one attention I was used to receiving as a personal training client, I did not expect the Boot Camp to be nearly enough of workout. I could not have been more wrong. For the hour I spend there, I burn as many calories as I normally would doing an hour of strength training plus 30 minutes on the treadmill. I was also surprised that I didn't feel that I'd lost any instruction or personal attention. Just as with P.T., the Boot Camp focuses on good form and pushing your personal limits. Not only is it a great way to change up your workout and enjoy the outdoors, the instructors make the Boot Camp a lot of fun. I look forward to the killer workouts! There is no better deal in town for getting this kind of workout and personal attention at this price.”



Persistence Pays Off :  Darleen Corbett

Darleen has made a gradual but impressive transformation since she joined the Colonial Oaks Boot Camp last January. She dropped inches and body fat in the first couple of months, then kicked it up a notch for the 6 week Challenge. She reached her goal of dropping another 2% body fat and 4 lbs. of fat.

“The boot camp is just something that works for me, and I have not been on a regular exercise program in years. I don't mind working hard, and I actually look forward to going. I love when my muscles ache the next two days after a hard workout!

It's amazing how many compliments I get on how I look. Although the scale has not gone down much, I have lost inches, body fat, and gained muscle. Thank you!" - Darleen



Debbie Smith: On the Way to Greatness!

"Working with JD at Boot Camp is just like having your own personal trainer. They push , encourage, and help you to maximize your time and energy to get the most out of the exercise. I am really looking forward to the next Boot Camp and hearing the words...."Don't quit....this is the time your burning the fat!"

Debbie just finished her second month of Boot Camp, and she has already gained 7lbs. of muscle and lost 5 lbs. of fat. She is a real trooper and team player, and I know she will continue to sculpt her physique and reach her goals.