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Lee Libro

JD Doyle of and Ultimate-U Fitness delivers the best fitness regimens and motivation you'll ever experience. He's a full range fitness guru for people of all fitness levels and offers a challenging, fun bootcamp in outdoor parks and recreational sites throughout the area as well as private personal training, metabolic and nutritional counseling. His bootcamp is so fun, you begin to enjoy the pain!

Karen Campbell

Sorry guys, I'm sure your trainers are all great. BUT, JD Doyle is THE BEST. He transformed my life. His Sarasota Boot Camp is what training is all about. The workouts are never the same, we train different sets of muscles on different days and JD explains how we are working our body to maximize results. His nutrition seminars help us understand how different foods work in our body. An all round fitness guru available to his members 24 hours a day. A true winner!


Kamla Achaibar-Long

Yep...JD Doyle is the best in shaking up the routine, targeting the appropraite muscle groups that need the most work for his clients. He tailors the program to their needs and has a no nonsense approach...firm yet compassionate...He likes helping his clients and it shows. i have lost inches... gained strength and health. His knowledge of fitness with circuit and interval training... and nutrition with metabolic testing... is what makes him a Sarasota fitness guru!!!


Kelly H Bake
JD Doyle is the Absolute Best Fitness Expert I have every met!! His Bootcamp is the only motivating and challenging workout any person could enjoy :) Everyone should check out and join the rest of us who absolutely LOVE the challenge!!

John Maben

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are someone that seeks only the best and most qualified people your choices are limited. Limited to one in my opinion, JD Doyle who I have trained with for over one year.
He has tons of experience and
cares about his clients.


Danielle Nicole Cupp

JD Doyle is definetly the best....His bootcamps are fun, and we are alwyas doing something different, he puts a lot of thought into his workout plans and he makes it really interesting. I love JD's class and i would recommend it to anyone!!

Mary Brugger

JD Doyle is the best! Tho I was an out-of-shape senior when I met him; he gave me the confidence I needed to work out; taught me a lot about healthy eating and lifestyle. Classes are actually fun and often in beautiful outdoor settings, so you don't mind the challenge. His professionalism and holistic approach work well. Also has an awesome website!


Maria Karamanolis Smith

I never used to workout until I joined his bootcamp. I've never felt better and it's only been 6 weeks. JD does a great job switching it up, keeping it interesting and truly cares about the end result. I'm very grateful that I stumbled across his bootcamp and I believe he is the best trainer in town.


Deanna DelFabro
JD Doyle is the man!!!! He does a great job of putting together a workout that is NEVER boring and just motivates you to a place you never thought you could go before! He is the BEST at what he does and I am so glad I was able to benefit from all his knowledge!




Are 55 or older and need to begin (or re-start) a safe and effective exercise routine?


Do you have a nagging injury or condition and need instruction in proper exercise form to ensure you don't aggravate it ?


Would like to feel stronger, become more flexible, improve your balance, and improve your endurance/ energy?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this is the perfect program for you!


SENIOR FIT CAMP is an exercise program intended for those 55 and older who want to improve their health & fitness in a small group setting.  However, this is not a "class" where an instructor leads everyone through a series of moves and you just do your best to keep up! This program is closer to personal training, with more individual attention and focus on proper exercise form and execution, and with an education as to what (& where) muscles are working, and why you should do it.


Modifications or substitute exercises will be provided for those with injuries or limitations.  This is a "low-impact" program, which means easier on the joints... no jumping exercises, no sprinting or running. The goal is to keep you moving and make the sessions progressively more challenging, based on the general ability level of the participants.  You can expect to use a variety of training tools:  resistance bands, medicine balls, stability balls, dumbbells, and bodyweight resistance. 


Your instructor is J.D. Doyle.  J.D. is an ACE-Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist who holds a M.Ed. in Health Education.  He has 20 years experience as fitness professional, and was voted the area's Favorite Personal Trainer by the readers of Natural Awakenings magazine for four consecutive years (until they ceased to give the award).  J.D. has been running his Sarasota Boot Camp program at the Venice Community Center since 2012, and has run several successful Senior Fit Camps there since October 2015.


Venice Community Center

326 South Nokomis Ave.

Venice, FL 34285


Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:30- 9:30am
$99 for 4 Weeks
Complete and submit the registration form below.

OR if you would prefer to have a form mailed to you, call J.D. at 941-685-1081


Payment Options:
Cash or check payable to Sarasota Boot Camp,

Other Questions

or Concerns?


Please call J.D. at 941-685-1081 and leave a message with your number and the best time to reach you. (I maintain a full training schedule but will return your call as soon as I am able to.)